Research indicates that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages might be able to decrease the danger of cardiovascular disease in males by over 50%.

Normal ingestion of alcoholic beverages decreases the danger of cardiovascular disease in males by over a third.

The research seems to agree with what may other research investigations have previously concluded. In the current research study, they have divided those who used to drink from those who absolutely don’t drink and never and never will. This has been done to see get a better comprehension of the relationship between cardiovascular health and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The people who were in charge of this research did find that the benefits were also found to be effective in females’ cardiovascular health, but the percentages were not as high. The percentages may not have been as high due to the lack of women in the research groups who actually had or started having any cardiovascular disease.

It was suggested that even with these results, that one should not start consuming alcoholic beverages because there are other negative effects of alcohol consumption. The best advice given was that is a person already consumed alcoholic beverages than they would be wise to do this in moderation combined with following a nutritious diet and getting plenty of physical activity.

With this investigation, the research used over 40,000 males and females that were a part of another study. They spent approximately 10 years studying these people that had no cardiovascular disease when they started the research.

Keeping track of the alcoholic beverage consumption showed that a fairly low percentage of males and females actually had anything go wrong with their heart. Some of the countries that these people in the research groups were from have a relatively low cardiovascular disease rate but did have a fairly high incidence of ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

Amount of Alcoholic Beverage Consumption and Cardiovascular Danger

Consuming any kind of alcoholic beverage reduces the danger of any serious cardiovascular issues in males. There was a direct correlation between the decrease in danger and the number of alcoholic beverages that were consumed.

A slight amount of alcohol ingested decrease the danger by a little over 34%.

A medium amount of alcohol ingested decreased the danger by a little over 50%.
The highest consumption of alcoholic beverages decreased the danger just over 53% and 49%.

People that used to consume alcoholic beverages had a decreased reduction in danger at just fewer than 11%.

For the investigation, the investigators defined an alcoholic beverage as one that contained a little over 9 grams of actual liquor.

Categories of alcoholic beverage consumption were defined as follows:

  • Light consumption drinking was over 4 grams a day.
  • Average consumption was over 4 to just under 31 grams a day.
  • Anything above the average consumption was just over 29 grams of just over 89 grams a day.
  • Since the kind of alcohol ingested did not seem to have an effect on the amount of danger decrease the investigators discovered the protection was better for those in the average consumption and higher greater for those drinking moderate to high levels of alcohol, which included beverages.

The results of this investigation confirm a lot of other research that has occurred, however, a person that drinks a lot of alcoholic beverages also encounters other negative responses including more sickness and even passing away.

It is important that through the results of this research indicate that the drinking alcohol can offer positive benefits surrounding cardiovascular health, alcohol consumption should only be encouraged on an individual basis and the dangers should be weighed carefully against the benefits that would be gained.